Introduction & Characteristic features of the clinic

Takegoshi Internal Medicine Clinic is located in Takaoka city, Toyama, Japan.
The characteristic features of this clinic are as follows;

1) Doctor of the clinic is a fellow of American College of 
  Physicians (FACP).
2) Doctor of the clinic is a fellow of American College
  of  Gastroenterology (FACG).
3) The clinic is Internal Medicine Clinic and is for out-patients.
4) Subspeciality of the doctor is Gastroenterology, 
  especially Hepatology.

Profile of the doctor

 Kunio Takegoshi, MD, FACP, FACG


Location of the clinic


Takegoshi Internal Medicine Clinic
3 77-7 Nomura, Takaoka, Toyama 933-0014 Japan
Tel; 0766-22-8200 (From abroad; 81-766-22-8200)
Fax; 0766-22-8205 (From abroad; 81-766-22-8205)



Curriculum Vitae


Birthplace; Fukui, Japan
Education; 1967 to 1973 School of Medicine, Kanazawa University
Fellowship; 1973 to 1984 Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital
Staff physician; 1984 to 1991 Chief in Gastroenterology, Takaoka City Hospital .
President; 1991 to present. Takegoshi Internal Medicine Clinic


Degree and honors

MD :March, 1973
FJSIM (Fellow of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine ):Oct., 1979
Ph.D. :June, 1984
FACP (Fellow of American College of Physicians) :Jan., 1998
FACG (Fellow of American College of Gastroenterology): Oct., 1999


Office hours

Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Friday
Thursday, Saturday ------9:00am.〜12:30pm.
Sunday, National holiday ------closed